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Building Permits and Applications

Do I need a permit? Brochure Series: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural
Contractors apply online at BuildingPermits.Oregon.gov

Permit or Application (pdf) Notes and additional information
Additional Address Request
Address Change Request
Address Request
Building Moving Permit Revised 4.7.2016 bj
Commercial Mechanical Permit Worksheet Required for all commercial mechanical applications
Commercial Building Information Sheet Required for all building permit submittals on properties zoned medium density residential, high density, commercial or industrial
Commercial Building Permit Submittal Requirements/Checklist
Deferred Submittal Agreement
Demolition Permit
Electrical Permit Revised 4.7.2016 bj
Manufactured Home Placement Permit Revised 7.21.2015 bj
Mechanical Permit Revised 4.7.2016 bj
Master Permit Program Authorization Form Revised 6.10.2014 bj
Plumbing Permit Revised 4.7.2016 bj
Residential Building Permit Submittal Requirements/Checklist For one and two family dwelling building permits
Sign Permit and Temporary Sign Permit Sign Code and Sign District Map Permit Revised 05.10.2016 bj
Special Inspections
Structural (Building) Permit Revised 4.7.2016 bj
Supplemental Submittal Form
Willamalane SDC Information Revised 4.7.2016 bj
Woodstove Permit
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