///Other City Permits & Applications
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Other City Permits & Applications

Permit or Application (pdf) Notes and additional information
Light Pole Banner Permit Revised
6 5 2015 ls
Traffic Control Plan Form, Traffic Control Plan Criteria, and Light Pole Banner Maps Revised
Over-the Street Banner Permit Revised
11-7-2016 bj
ODOT Right-of-Way Application (for Main Street location)

Banner Specifications

Driveway/Sidewalk Permit Second Driveway Revised
5 6 2016 bj4 7 2016 bj
Vision Clearance Diagram, Traffic Control Specifications, Example Driveway Sketch Revised
Overwidth Driveway Revised
4 7 2016 bj
Residential Streetlight Program Application Revised
1 25 2016 ls
Encroachment Permit Revised
5/9/2016 bj
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